Moisturizer should be our real BAE!

“Seriously knowing how to PROPERLY moisturize is everything!”

It can make such a huge difference to your face and body. Also knowing what kind of moisturizer you need is just as important. YES PEOPLE, there are different kinds, different scents and different purposes. I’m pretty sure everyone is pretty familiar with cleansing their skin and body, such as when to do it, how to do and why you should do it. But I’ve found that not that many people know the importance of re-hydrating the skin.

Body, Facial Peels and Masks have become all the rage right now. These products are super beneficiary for our body’s largest organ, The Skin. But they can do some serious, irreversible damage as well. From simple ugly breakouts, to black spots, and in rare cases skin diseases. It may not seem like a big deal, especially for those who have dry skin and zero breakouts. Things change in an instance and knowing how to evolve can make a huge difference.

That’s why I’m here to help you understand the importance of moisturizing your face and skin daily. I’ll also throw in a few tips on how to pick the product that’s perfect for you. Who’s going to want to use something that stinks, or leave you feeling sticky or gross? Not Me! 

Don’t worry Love, I’ll start with the benefits of moisturizing daily first:

  • Boosts Hydration in your skin, including Facial regions
  • Prevents Dullness and Flakiness
  • Helps anti aging
  • Creates a barrier of moisture that can last for hours, sometimes all day
  • Reduces Dark spots
  • Even skin tone
  • Reduce Risks of Skin Cancer

Picking the Proper Products:

Our keyword to center everything we shop for is “MOISTURIZER”. So you seriously want to find products around hydration, and testing them on your hand. To make this simple look for products that include 1 HUMECTANT( they create long lasting moisture) , Such as Hyaluronic acid, Propylene glycol, and glycerin. While out shopping, let’s make sure we pay close attention to the ingredients. If you have a good regime and just looking for a little more hydration add in a facial serum. Good ingredients to look for include hyaluronic acid and oils like jojoba, argan, and rosehip. Ingredients can be important but please pay attention to your skin’s sensitivity levels. There are products made with you in mind if you have very sensitive skin, or oily skin, even dry skin. So please keep this in mind. Don’t want you catching on fire now do we?

Application Tips:

    • First, always apply in a upward motion, This aids in the anti aging effect. Were all going to get old eventually and our skin is going to sag, so by applying in an upward motion it helps skin easily rejuvenate and helps the product get into the hard to reach spots.
    • Try gently massaging in the product, which increases circulation, lowers puffiness and helps the skin absorb the product better. (Step By Step Picture at the end of this article)
    • Don’t forget to show your neck a little love, especially if you like to contour and apply makeup there. This aids in the area looking youthful and lush well as evens the skin tone.
  • Do not overdose the skin! You can use too much product and eventually clog your pores, which will result in problems I’d rather not mention here. Typically the right amount just depends on the product, those smooth/thin products do not need multiply applications that the pasty/thick kind do. So please pay close attention to how much and how little you are using.
  • Do not put Sunscreen on first, this should be applied last. Why? Because of the nature it creates a barrier and any moisturizer will be unable to penetrate to the skin and hydrate. So by putting  it on after the other products your skin will be able to soak up the nutrients as well as stay hydrated even longer because of the outerr layer of SPF.
  • Serums First, Then Oils, Then Creams,(Remember Sunscreens Last)
  • Start with the thinnest products first and work your way up to the heaviest.

Best Application Times:

The entire point is keeping our skin hydrated, so of course anytime we remove our shields, makeup, shower or simply cleanse our face would be the perfect time. Simple right? Remember earlier when I mentioned skin masks and peels? They are again BENEFICIAL, but can seriously dry out the skin, and even cause flaking. So of course after any spa technique or cleanse you will need to rehydrate and protect the skin.

Tuning our Regimes:

I know seasons change all the time, as well as the weather. Sometimes our skin seems drier than usual or oilier. But just because the seasons change doesn’t mean we have to trash our usual routine. Instead find ways to tweak our regime, by adding in serums and SPF creams. You can also add in products that specifically treat problems for that season. It makes it easier to swap them out instead or creating another routine. Some of my top brands would be Neutrogena, L’Oreal and Nivea.They have so many products specified for treatments, problem areas, sensitivity levels, and seasonal changes. They also have huge varieties also. So maybe you’ll find everything you need with a certain brand, but it is okay to use multiple brands to achieve your need. So don’t feel bad if your regime travels across branding history, as long as your skin’s happy, we’re happy.

See that wasn’t painful at all. There are a lot of really good products out there, but do not get caught up in the hype. We look and feel our best with stability and consistency. Start a regime, Tweak it and keep it up and you’ll love the benefits. This is just one of our many stops on of journey of self discovery, let’s keep it up and get out of our comfort zones.





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