Katy Kat Matte Lipstick Review

katty kat matte lipsticks

Perry, Panther KP11, Crimson Cat KP05


There I was; standing in the makeup aisle at Target, you just never know what kind of fun things that you would find there right?  I caught myself remembering a certain commercial on TV that had the Queen Cat herself, Katy Perry.  Her display was lit up like crazy DOESN’T love matte lipstick).  The next thing that I knew was that I’d made it to the checkout line, new lipsticks in tow.  I couldn’t wait to get home and try these bad boys out.


First I tried on the Crimson Cat because red before black (meaning I would get a much more true color if I did the bright one before pitch blacking my lips out)


I will say that both lipsticks are most definitely the same, except for color that is.


Each color is true to it’s hue, you definitely don’t have to worry about applying over and over again to make a deep impact on color.


>It come in a cute and trendy tube; btw-it’s matte and feels like velvet

>The colors themselves are SUPER eye catching

>The colors lasted for what felt like a super long time.  It took approx. 3hrs before it began to dry out and feel flaky on the lips.

>My lips felt soft and moisturized while wearing the lip color





>The ultimate let-down for this product was that it was SHINY NOT MATTE.  When I applied it, I was a bit.

Although the colors were not matte and really eye catching; they slowly began to lose the sheen and luster.  I’m not sure that it was supposed to be the matte kicking or what, but I know it began to look a bit off

5 Katy Kat Matte Crimson Cat Lipstick
KP05 Crimson Cat  Matte Lipstick

>The thing about my lips being super soft and moisturized is because I’m pretty sure that they didn’t really have choice, ergo they were full of oils because my lips were NOT matte and pretty greasy

6 Katy Kat Matte Perry Panther Lipstick
KP11 Perry Panther Matte Lipstick

Overall I think that this specific product is great for a daytime look or a even for a night out on the town.  MauMea gives this product a 5.2-10

(mostly because the matte was none existent:)

To try these products or learn more about KATY KAT MATTE CLICK HERE!!



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