Morning Hair Care Regime Version 1

(I have 2 different versions of this regime. Version 1 I only use on work days, Version 2 is my leisure and off days, this will be uploaded at a later date!..)


Before we hope into this, I will give you a little background on how far I am into my journey and the purpose as to why I need to version of the same regime. I have been natural since January 2015. So as of 2017 I am a positive 2 years into my journey which is a long time. Throughout this blog I promise to never claim unrealistic results or crazy growth trends. I will only provide you with simple, easy real products that actually help and show results. My journey was not easy at all, I failed miserably in 2013, and damaged my hair to the point I went almost bald and gave up. After studying the proper techniques, products, ingredients I succeeded in 2015 and I can say I am fully natural. I want to help those who are trying to go natural, or who need that extra push to see some real results.


Now on with my regime!


I always start my hair regime after a good breakfast. I makes me more aware and careful with my techniques.


Step 1. This may seem weird to you, but it has proved to work amazingly for me. I usually undo my braid I slept in or hair clips, etc. Then I get a big hand towel and wet it with HOT water. Then I make a part down the center of my head and lay this towel directly on top of my head. You know how how water opens your pores, well this is exactly what’s it’s doing to our scalp. After no longer than 5 minutes I remove the towel and move on to the next step.


Step 2. I use Pure coconut oil in very very VERY small amounts and massage it into my scalp. Because the towel has open our pores it allows this miracle that is COCONUT OIL to sink into the very depths. I recommend not heating up the oil so that it is applied at a cooler room temp and helps those pore close back up. This allows for maximum absorption by the scalp. Coconut oil has been proven to heal most irritations, dandruff, dryness of the scalp. I found that doing in this order creates even stronger new grow and healthy follicles.


Step 3. Next we’re moving from the scalp and directly to the ends of our hair. I usually check for split ends (a mental habit from when I had to do a big chop because of the severity of my ends). I use my homemade split end prevention mask. Usually I put egg yolks in this mix, but since I’m not washing my hair I only use a pinch of honey and olive oil. I use extremely small amounts and apply it to my ends only. I don’t want my hair extremely greasy or stiff so by using a moisten finger amout you eliminate these effects. And wait 5 mins.


Step 4. Now using a spray bottle filled with cold water I lightly spray my hair. This dilutes all the products I’ve used so far, almost like a soft rinse. Don’t over spray because that erasses everything we have done and becomes pointless.


Step 5. Next I use my Whole Blends Coconut Leave in Conditioner. This product smells amazing, and it makes my hair feel so soft without weighing it down. I have a lot of hair so I usually use 4 tablespoons of product but for my morning routine I cut it in half and make it spread with a little water. Make sure it’s blended perfectly from scalp to ends. I usually massage my scalp a little during this step.


Step 6. To add in a little Pure Castor Oil, which promotes hair growth and good scalp health. I usually pour about a cap full in my hands and massage directly in my scalp and halfway through my hair. Do not apply on tips.(Remember our split end mask is still there)


Step 7. Next I pour out a little less that half of the cold water from the spray bottle and add in a full cup of Coconut Water. I have a very good reason for using bottle coconut water instead of straight from the coconut. Simply because once the fresh coconut water get old throughout the day it becomes sticky and makes the hair tangle up. But by using store bought drinkable coconut water it doesn’t create that sticky residue or allow the hair to tangle. Its my own preference, but if youd prefer it fresh from the fruit then please do.


Step 8. Were almost ready to style. Now spray this coconut mixer on to your tresses. After you’ve applied your own desired amount (hopefully not the whole bottle) Then use as a wide tooth comb and detangle your air. I try not to use paddle brushes because they make us over brush. At least with a comb I can see the results and tell when My hair has had enough.


Step 9. I use a multi oil mixture made of Tea Tree oil, Argan Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil (SMALL AMOUNT), Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil. I apply this mixture into my hair and massage it also to my scalp and it makes me feel so refreshed. Depending on which ol scent you like the most I would lean towards that when mixing. It smells amazing and usually when styling my hair it adds this amazing and beautiful sheen. It also locks in all the moisture for all day hydration. My hair is usually nice and bouncy and light.


Step 10. We’re ready to style. It’s okay to add in a heat protectant but I would wait 5 to 10 minutes before doing so. Its best to do this routine before makeup that way you’ll have something to do to pass the time.



Tips: I usually prepare my recipes, mask before application. Sometimes I make batches to last 6 days of applications. I do not do this regime on my off days, that’s a whole different style of hair care, because I have more time.


I found the benefits from this routine are less effects from split ends, as well as my hair thickening with 2 weeks. My hair has a deep rooted hydration pattern now that if I skip this routine for 2 days i still feels as if I’m still following it everyday. Because Im only using 2 steps hat actually have scents, my hair isn’t overpowering and funky. It has a unique sweet scent that I get compliments on all day. Even if I haven’t washed it in 3 weeks.


You can honestly tweak this routine, and remove or add in products and still get a extremely level of protection and hydration. Thats whats great about using so many oils at once, each one has its own benefit and serves a good purpose. By putting them together you’ll get even more results and quicker. Within one month I noticed about a whole inch of growth and a new level of thickness. Results differ by individual but please expect something great.


Please let me know what you think and leave a comment!! I’d love to hear from you



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