Revlon Kiss Balms Review

(Review is based on purchased Revlon Kiss Balms: 015 Juicy Peach, 025 Fresh Strawberry)

Revlon Kiss Balms in Somewhat Retro 90’s Packaging and slender small sizes.

First I want to start by saying that I just ADORE Revlon products. Most of them are high quality, true to color and have long lasting effects. Knowing that my past experiences have been mostly positive, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try one of the newest creations. For the past couple of weeks I have been in search of either a tinted lip gloss or tinted lip balm and these balms are the icing on the cake.

Revlon’s Kiss Balm claims to be an item perfect for the upcoming Summer. With Bubbly Fruity scents, long lasting shine, and protection. As well as SIX HOURS of hydration and moisture. There are 5 flavors in all (without the limited edition Sugar Plum) and are priced around $3.99 to $4.99 USD.

015 Juicy Peach

Right out of the package I find myself saying over and over, that this product smells great. It doesn’t have that overpoweringly waxy imitation scent that comes from cosmetics for kids. The Juicy Peach actually smells like a light peach candy, or canned peaches straight into the bowl. Not bragging but the Fresh Strawberry Balm is my favorite, it smells lighter than the Peach scent. This can be a good thing, if you’re someone who likes light and airy fragrances (like myself). It’s is pretty nice switch if you plan on using this as an option instead of the date night ROUGE lipstick.

025 Fresh Strawberry

To make sure that I was going to be accurate with my numbers here. I literally timed how long the Fresh Strawberry balm stayed moist on my lips. I made sure not to touch it up or lick them while the timer was running. The results kind of surprised me, it stayed moist almost 5 hrs before I had to reapply. Now I moisturize my lips faithfully, and use scrubs and oils on them religiously throughout the week; so this could have also been a factor.  When I timed my sister using the 015 Juicy Peach it did not live up to the hype. It only lasted 2 hours, which isn’t bad but not exactly good either. I have baby lips that seem to last 3 times as long as that. This made me start to believe that it just depends on the user and how they care for their lips.

Swatches, The Juicy Peach is more of a Fleshy color compared to the Fruity Pink color of the Fresh Starwberry

During the first application, both of the balms had this slick feel to them. It didn’t seem smooth or comfortable at all. But after about 3 applications it started to go on smooth and silky, and seemed easier to apply overall, leaving the lips feeling hydrated and moisturized. I subconsciously rub my lips together all day and this product didn’t feel sticky or greasy at all. When it was finally time to reapply; my lips still felt soft and semi hydrated.

1 Revlon Strawberry Kiss Balm
025 Fresh Strawberry- Revlon Kiss Balm

Surprisingly enough this product has an SPF20! It’s still a little too early to add it to our Summer must haves, but only time will tell. It also doesn’t leave a bitter taste like other products with high levels of SPF in them. Not to mention these balms provide high pigments of color and a nice little flavor after touch. But unfortunately the flavor doesn’t last very long.

2 Revlon Peach Kiss Balm
015 Juicy Peach- Revlon Kiss Balm

Overall, I think I’ll give this product a 7.5 out of 10. It has some really nice features and I’ve experienced half of Revlon’s promises so far. But because of the individual lasting factor, lightness of the scent, sometimes pasty application, and the semi unsturdy top I just can’t give it anything higher than that. I do believe that the Pros do outweigh the Cons in this situation, and that this would honestly be a good buy. 

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