The Greatness That Is Cosmetic Aisle Hopping!

, Just hear us out?!

So this may seem a little ridiculous but there are plenty of ways you can benefit from trying this method of shopping. We have proven ourselves over and over that this actually works. That feeling of wanting a change of pace or in this case “Face” can easily be satisfied by changing up old habits. And NO, this does not include the dreaded, Spring Makeup Cleaning Routine, we all hate that. Sometimes I just cannot part with that year old lip gloss (guilty as charged).

Whatever the case may be the steps are very simple, and may actually put money back in our pockets!!

When you find time and plan or however you usually shop for make up just ADD in a couple of extra stops. SIMPLE RIGHT? Please Understand Though, that we’re not just walking to the other side of the Makeup counters or Aisles. Were actually hopping store to store to check out other options. My travels of bargain beauty searching.Oh No, Gas is WAAYY to High for This?!?” Honestly saving 2 to 5 DOLLARS EXTRA happens to be worth that extra mile. Just think you might even find that eyeliner we’ve been looking for with that ‘BAE’ status.

Follow me on this for a minute.

Tropical or Traditional Climates: So whenever I get a chance to travel to Florida or California, I’ve noticed that the products change drastically. We go from products that protect from winter damage or moisture protection to SPF strong sun protection. Even the scents are different, like LAVENDER to HIBISCUS type variation here. More stores base their main focal point on what region and weather trends are around them. Specifically to attract more sales, and better demand. So if you’re planning to visit the ever-beautiful sunshine state, then I suggest you take a waltz down a few Cosmetic Aisles and find that new scent you’ve been dying for.

Demographics: I hate to say that your ethnicity plays a part in this, but it DOES! Not in a bad way though, it not only depends on you but also who happens to be around you. Predominantly Ethnic areas are prone to have more ethnic products than other places. Which sure, its pretty unfair because Every stores Cosmetic section should have equal amounts of products. In the real world though, that’s not the case. This also includes hair care products, some of the best moisturizers you can  only find in the ‘Ethnic’ Aisle. Even then you have to know how to shop around to even find those. Life can be unfair at times, but this is just another good example on why we have to ‘Hop’.

Demand: This is pretty self explanatory here. If a certain product doesn’t sell at that location, of course they’re going to pull it and send it elsewhere or stop selling it all together. Just because one store doesn’t have it, doesn’t mean another will be the same. A Lot of time this tries my patience! I shop everyday for new products to try and share with the world, and I can walk into that same store the next day and magically things have changed. They’ve had some mythical sell out of my new favorite brand overnight. Now it’s nowhere to be seen ever again. The fight is never over though, I find that by searching 3 stores over you’ll find what you’re looking for or even a better substitute.

Quality: Here’s where things can get confusing. This Category can go two ways; ‘Better’ or ‘Fresher’. Cosmetics do have a shelf life, and it shows when placed up to a ‘fresher’ version of itself. “That bold blue not coming out right?” Well Girlfriend, it could just be old. I find that store with more traffic as well a more upbeat style have Fresher Quality products. The store staff product rotation procedures care the main contender,’ Nothing we can do about this. The better version, is just a different product in general. You’ll find these situations every, where a 3 dollar eyeshadow out blends, out lasts that 40 dollar MAC shade. Seems UNREALISTIC, sure, but the disappointment can be so real at times. Especially when you’re trying to create a look versatile enough to impress the bosses and seductive enough to engage the boyfriend.

Variety: As many times I’ve wanted to SCREAM over a store only having 1 COLOR of a 26 Hued Collection available. I know personally how annoying that can be, especially if you’ve lost something and just trying to find a replacement real quick before a outing. This is sometimes the exact equivalent to going into Victoria’s Secret looking for a cute bra in a 38DDD, impossible. Everytime I see a new makeup commercial, Im first in line to try it. Only to end up not being able to find it at any of the local stores near my home. But why settle with the small taste of convenience always serves, Branch out and Explore. Who knows what you’ll discover by being optimistic once in awhile.

Prices: Remember early when I mentioned about saving from 2 to 5 dollars? Well, thats wasn’t an exaggeration actually savings depends on the individual and the products they prefer. Total savings can actually ranger higher in most situations, my statement was a low example but results can be better. We have to just make generalized guesses on where we shop and where we can save a bigger buck. For example, a L’oreal eyeliner may go for 8 Dollars at Target; 9 to 10 Dollars at Walgreens; 5 Dollars at Walmart. It’s all about where you choose to shop and possibly how far you will travel to shop. I’m not saying Walmart is the place to go, I’ve ran across instances where my favorite brand foundation was 3 dollars higher there and 4 dollars cheaper somewhere else. The whole purpose of the example is that shopping around or rather Hopping can become a factor on how much of you money you spend.

Imports: Don’t you just love feeling like a well rounded culture person while using that new face mask from South Korea. Many stores are starting to get into imports; Makeup being on the top priority list. I can attest that it’s really nice to see a cool selection of products from around the world. You could even think on it as a learning experience all the while being frustrated trying to translate the instructions to english.  It’s a true fact that a lot of the new beauty trends are influenced by countries like Japan and Korea. Korea being one of the top nations in Beauty Development. If you ever get a chance to travel, make sure you put South Korea on your list because it is a Makeup Enthusiast paradise.

Ever Changing Trends: Trends change all the time. By Diversifying our Shopping Routine and Circle of must see Adventures we can stay at least a seat beside the Beat. Cosmetic Moguls are always after the next best thing, the next Biggest Accessory. And all the while us “Modern Chic” Norms are trying to get a leg up with every new hot seat that’s open. The world of fashion is a carousel of colors, ideas and styles that never stand stills and or stop growing. The fashion world has so many opinions sounding off at once that when you think you’ve made it in, you’re actually still on the outside. Trends can indeed be fun to follow, but only when adding your flair or style to it. They are there as an example, to give an inside look on how to tune your rythm to something envied by others.

See How Beneficiary Cosmetic Aisle Hopping can get, your go to list will never be the same. And it’s not a bad thing either.

I feel as if you can honestly say you’re having fun with it, you’ve succeeded. It’s not about how you wear it or pair, but how it makes you feel. There are so many different variations of products and substitute, I would say try them all but that’s just too ambitious on our wallets. Instead, aim for a more realistic goal such as trying a New Product or Substitute once a week, two weeks or month. Just something to get you out of that boring old comfort zone and into a different aspect of reality. Some trends out there may seem impossible, but by experimenting you can fine tune yours and create a new one all together.

A New Routing is definitely a good start. Girl, You’re going to love what you get into.

We have to break out of our shells and be Bright, Bold, Daring, Adventurous.

I promise once you’ve started, you’ll never want to stop



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