Benefits of Using Facial Toner Everyday

Benefits of Using Facial Toner Everyday!!

I was born with the skin of a Goddess!” Said no one ever.

Everyday is a struggle when your skin is over Oily, extremely Sensitive or Flaky Dry. To make matters worse, there are the the selected few who have hit the genetic  “LOTTO”  with Combination skin (which Is ALL of them rolled into one). Then there’s are the few who have just the right amount of quality, but Mother Nature takes hold and just throws it to the birds…

Not getting to the point? Well let me explain to you thebenefits or rather WHY you should use Facial Toner daily.

  • Smaller Pores: I mean if you really think about it, who wants pores the size of moon craters on their face for all the world to see? Not only does is have the awesome properties of closing your pores and making them nearly nonexistent.  Since most (to all) are oil free, because hello it’s a cleaner, it gets in and removes any excess oils, dirt, and makeup.
  • Blemish Much: Due to facial toner being an oh-so-lifesaver for me it helps with blemishes  (can you say yaaaaassss?) What I mean is if you have acne or trouble with a few here and there breakouts, it’s definitely a go-to. Everyone has different types of skin, that’s what makes us us. There are types for oily, dry, and sensitive skin so that everyone can be apart of an awesome skin regimen which will lead you to a beauty victory.
  • Glow Up Alert: Everyday we have to deal with our PH.D (Potential Hydrogen of our Derma) aka PH balance of our skin; meaning our everyday facial soap cleansers have an alkaline nature to them which can knock your beautiful skin out of wack (as if we don’t have enough to deal with) however we can find solace in toner. Which restores and refreshes revealing a  fresh face and bequeaths to you your Goddess given look, leaving you with the ultimate #GlowUp that rightfully belongs to you.
  • Sahara Desert: If you are anything like me, then you have that annoying dry skin (especially in the winter, ugh!) I’m always on the out looking for something that will quench the beautiful shell of me, until I came across (what else) the toner I’ve been using. It moisturizes so that I don’t have to. I mean, can I get a high five? It’s light enough to where I don’t feel like I have on a ton of product but consistent enough to where I feel like I don’t have a ton of product on my face.
  • Hairy Situation: Most people (whether they admit or not) have some sort of facial hair. Due to the dire need to be Fierce on a daily basis. Due to all the beautiful glory of facial toner, you would be happy to know that it can help with those irritating stubbles of ingrown hairs.


Finally but surely not the last: it’s refreshing! I’ve never had a product that I could use that was more perfect for me and I’m sure you will agree as well. After using it you’ll feel like a brand new person! (OMG can you say perf?)

Anyhow, can you can take my word on this product and add it to your beauty regime during 2017??!!!!




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